Chris McMillan

He is the creator of The Rachel—the cut from the TV show Friends that defined the 1990s and the mastermind behind the sexy, beachy wavy look that is currently ubiquitous on every red carpet. When a certain rock star wanted a whole new image to shake the foundation, she called Chris—and Miley Cyrus’ new look was born.
Chris is pure California, those signature styles, those sexy, laidback looks that he picked up from a lifetime on the beach have made him the most celebrated hairstylist in the country..


Stacie Costello

Stacie's dream since she was a little girl was to do hair.
Her mother was a colorist and her dad had built a studio salon in their house where she could work out of. This obviously became her girl cave where she would get ready everyday and do all of her friends hair. It was the most ideal set up for any little girl and teenager.



As soon as Kelsey could, at the age of 3, she was cutting her own bangs and hair. She continued to be the go-to braiding guru for her cheerleading squad from 7th grade on. Her love for hair styling progressed to her first paid job at the age of 14 doing a brides hair for weddings.



Robert Lopez is an Emmy-nominated hairstylist who has worked with such respected photographers and directors as Matthew Rolston and Anthony Mandler. With extensive experience in editorial, advertising, film, commercials, fashion shows and red carpet events, Robert has cultivated a signature look for cutting and styling hair that is sexy, organic, healthy and effortlessly chic...



Pete Lamden was born and raised on the beach in Los Angeles. If he's not standing over a head of hair, then he's in the water or working on his collection of vintage cars and motorcycles. Pete's laid back, southern California upbringing resonates in everything he does, including the effortless and natural hairstyles he creates for his clients


Brant Mayfield

Brant Mayfield’s career began with inspiration from his mother, a hairstylist. At thirteen years old Brant could be found in her salon sweeping floors and answering phones. By 19 Brant was working in Beverly Hills, his career took off soon there after. With guidance of his former mentor, Brant was quickly styling celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor...



Jason Schneidman grew up on the beaches of SoCal and has always been the poster child of its carefree, keep-it-simple lifestyle. Surfing, loud motorcycles and fast cars are Jason’s muses, as are rock music legends like Jim Morrison and the intelligent but rebellious actors of Old Hollywood like James Dean and Steve McQueen...



Born and a raised in Malibu, California, Dom grew up surrounded by the glam and glitz. Unaffected by the hype and naturally rebellious, anyone who knows Dom knows he has a style all his own. He channeled his raw creative energy into becoming a successful hair stylist in a very short time... 


marcos trueba

Marcos Trueba is a top hairstylist in Los Angeles. He has a passion for hair and works to make sure all of his clients feel special, unique and confident. Striving to bring out the best in all of his clients, he creates an effortless and fresh style with the belief that one haircut doesn't fit all. He utilizes face shape and personal style to create a tailored, current and manageable look. 



Danielle was born and raised in Southern California, splitting time between Pasadena and Malibu. Her passion for hair came from her passion for fashion and beauty. At the age of 22, she took a tour of Paul Mitchell School in Sherman Oaks and that was where she knew she wanted to turn her passion for hair, into a career.