Stacie's dream since she was a little girl was to do hair.
Her mother was a colorist and her dad had built a studio salon in their house where she could work out of. This obviously became her girl cave where she would get ready everyday and do all of her friends hair. It was the most ideal set up for any little girl and teenager.
She was fortunate to have such a passion so early on and didn't waste time in exploring it.
She graduated high school then off to Paul Mitchell academy where she made it on their "Advanced phase two team" as they called it.
Coming from an extremely small town Stacie knew she would have to work hard to get where she wanted to be. 
She worked hard so she could save enough money to pay for hair school and move. It was hard working two jobs but she knew it would pay off and loved it. 
Stacie now works in Beverly Hills at the Chris Mcmillan Salon.

- "I still can't believe it. I'm apart of the most creative and talented team and couldn't be more grateful."
She was fortunate enough to train under Chris McMillan himself and assist for a few years.
- "He's taught me everything I know about cutting and styling but even so much more then that. The life lessons he has shown me on how to treat people and stay passionate is beyond anything I could have asked for. I'm forever grateful."

Being also so passionate for color, Stacie assisted under Nidia Dueñas, who taught her the importance of detail and showed her just how beautiful and stunning color can really be. And also Nina, who showed her how to make highlights pop but with also keeping a natural feel in the hair.
- "Im so lucky to have had such amazing training! I'll always be learning from this team."