Destiny, fate… whatever you want to call it, Kelsey’s career as a colorist took off while she was waiting tables after beauty school. One of her customers invited her to check out the Ramirez Tran Salon where he was a stylist, which just happened to be on her list of top ten salons in LA. 
From there, however, it was hard work that got her to where she is today. For months, she worked for free until opportunity presented itself in the form of a mentor and boss, KC Carhart.  After 2 years at Ramirez Tran, however, KC was ready to return to her roots at the Chris McMillan Salon and Kelsey followed her. Now happily ensconced at McMillan’s successful salon, Kelsey is building her own clientele.  Her favorite part about her job is being able to talk to her clients and learn from each of them- her Wisconsin charm will put anyone fearful of a Beverly Hills environment at ease. She specializes in an organic and sun-kissed look, which describes both her hair philosophy and the woman herself.