Jason Schneidman grew up on the beaches of SoCal and has always been the poster child of its carefree, keep-it-simple lifestyle. Surfing, loud motorcycles and fast cars are Jason’s muses, as are rock music legends like Jim Morrison and the intelligent but rebellious actors of Old Hollywood like James Dean and Steve McQueen. This marriage of glamorous, dynamic Hollywood and the chill SoCal scene is what moves Jason and influences his style, his choices and his life.
But beneath Jason’s laid-back surfer vibe lies a fierce work ethic that has led him to make a name for himself far beyond hairstyling to creating fully unified looks for press tours, red carpets, music videos and editorial gigs. His trendsetting genius and effortless cool have earned him a devoted group of clients including Hugh Jackman, Bruno Mars, Jonah Hill and Rob Lowe. His editorial work has appeared in magazines such as Rolling Stone, GQ, Entertainment Weekly, and Billboard.
One key to the magic? Jason cuts and styles hair with extreme energy and passion and is always working to create a look that is visionary, versatile and authentic for each individual he works with. Jason believes that a properly styled man must look and feel carefree, confident and stylish. That’s genuinely sexy. And that’s what Jason brings to every client, every day, no matter who they are.

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