Before Bre could even make it inside the Chris McMillan salon to turn in her resume, she met Justin Anderson in the courtyard, and the rest was history. She started working for him the very next day and was immediately immersed in to Beverly Hills hair color.

"One second we're doing Justin's friend from high school, and the next second we are traveling across the world for a client, and the thing that really stands out to me about Justin is his work ethic. He treats all of his clients with the same level of respect, and the same level of excellence, and I appreciate that. I just want to make people feel beautiful and that concept in itself was how I really boosted my business".

Splitting her time between LA and Hawaii growing up, Bre is extremely well versed in achieving natural, sun kissed hair color. "My Dad surfed so much that his dark, almost black hair, would have blonde streaks in it by the end of summer, so I quickly discovered the range of possibilities with hair color!" But at the same time she is equally talented with creative color and can tell you what Kelly Osbourne's lavender formula is off the top of her head.

With a natural eye for aesthetics, Hair color is Bre's platform to make her clients feel their best, so whether you're in her chair (or she's in your bathroom with you), you know her time and expertise will be greatly appreciated!