A Northern California native, Stephanie knew what she wanted to be when she grew up at just ten years of age. When asked by her 5th grade teacher, she replied, "a hair stylist, so I can make people pretty!"

Lucky to have found her calling so young, the years she spent cutting and styling friends' hair during high school added depth and precision to her emerging skills. She soon became licensed and couldn't deny the pull of bustling Los Angeles, and headed south to chase her dreams. It wasn’t long before her impressive talents were recognized and she quickly found her home in Beverly Hills as part of the Chris Mcmillan Salon family. Stephanie saw her dreams turning into reality as Justin Anderson became her mentor.  He is internationally sought after for his blonde excpertise, and working closely with him helped her to refine her coloring and styling work to an art. She shares her enthusiasm for creating rich brunettes with soft and natural highlights, and her especially meticulous work with blondes, from bright natural to pearly white. As she puts it, "To me my work is my art, your hair is my canvas and I am so grateful I get to do something I love some much."