Leanne was born and raised in Southern California and since she was young, has always been mesmerized by how glamorous stars looked on the red carpet. Every girl in school wanted that same gorgeous hair and flawless makeup, yet struggled to emulate the look. It inspired Leanne how the women gracing magazine covers always looked like the absolute best version of themselves, while still looking as natural and elegant as ever. It is that curiosity that sparked Leanne’s passion to learn more, to learn how to make any woman or man look and feel their best through emphasizing not masking their natural beauty. Working at The Chris McMillan Salon, Leanne was honored to work with some of the best stylists and colorists in the world, including her mentor, Carol Vasquez-Prince.

Carol has mastered the art of beautiful natural hair color and has shared her techniques with Leanne. She aspires to bring Carol’s teachings justice and is excited to add her own unique perspective and talents as well to give her clients that effortless elegant look that drew Leanne to her passion from the beginning.